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Not quite aas much fun as pyrotechnics

As a kid I liked to do exciting experiments and my parents tolerated it---up until I blasted a table in my basement making roman candles.  My dad suggested doing something interesting and safer.  We had been buying chemicals at a store with rocks and minerals in addition to science stuff.  This was in Havertown, PA.  The store had a basement with minerals from UV products and UV lights.  Great, even astounding, Franklin material---which seemed expensive at the time--but little could I know......

That started UV mineral collecting with visits to Buckwheat dump (1960's) and elsewhere in the east.  Great collecting on the widespread dumps at Balmat NY.

Later dad got into rocks more than I did, and I went to college, grad school and got a job as a prof at a well known bay area school.  Ended up turncoating and going to that other well know bay area school.  Meanwhile studied spectroscopy and materials academically, and started merging the studies and collecting together..and am still doing it.  Hoping to share with all in this website.

Greatest likes.....the intellectually curious; 1940's and pre-code movies; mountain lakes; being the first to observe something; Russian composers

It seems like all my science minded friends have a story like that. I never blew anything up...but my mother did scold me for taking it upon myself to do plumbing work when she wasn't home (a pipe had sprung a leak, we had the supplies laying around already and I knew how to do it so thought, what the heck? Mom came home to find me in the basement, standing on an upside down 5 gal bucket, soldering a pipe over my head. Her response was "thanks for doing that time wait till I get home OK?" LOL)