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The Fluorescent Mineral Society is an international organization of professional mineralogists, gemologists, amateur collectors, and others who study and collect fluorescent minerals. The society was founded in 1971, incorporated in 1993, and was registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2018. The FMS is managed and staffed entirely by volunteers from our worldwide membership of nearly 400 members.

The mission of the FMS is:

  • to share knowledge and experience gained from the study, identification, collection, and display of fluorescent minerals and minerals that exhibit related forms of luminescence, such as phosphorescence, tenebrescence, triboluminescence, and thermoluminescence.
  • to organize seminars, conduct research, promote displays and exchanges, and to disseminate information about luminescent minerals.
  • to encourage interest related to fluorescent minerals, such as the development of improved ultraviolet lighting systems, the photography of fluorescent minerals, the study of luminescent properties related to fluorescence, and exploration of the various applications of fluorescence.

Worldwide Membership

The FMS has about 400 members in 41 states of the USA and 14 other countries. The Society has chapters in the Northeast, Midwest, Rocky Mountain, Northwest, Northern California, and Southern California, regions of the United States plus an “at large” chapter that discusses topics of research interest to members. We also participate in Outreach programs offered to schools, local mineral clubs, local gem shows, and museums.

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    Sustaining Members

    A very special thank you to our sustaining members; your generous support helps keep our hobby growing!

    Business Sustainers

    Arizona UltravioletCharles Groganwww.azuv.com
    Capistrano Mining CompanyWayne Schrimpwww.capistranomining.com
    Cyberocks & MineralsSteven Shramkowww.cyberocks.com
    Endless CircleJoseph McAnney 
    Engenious Designs LLCNick Brownwww.engeniousdesigns.com
    Fluoromins AustraliaGraham Fraserwww.fluoromins.com.au
    Genesis-MatrixAlison Pacut 
    Higher Orbit ProductsMichael Isaacsonwww.higherorbitproducts.com
    Kevin Brady’s World of FluorescentsKevin Bradywww.ebay.com/str/kbradyca2
    Midnight MineralsPatrick Bigoswww.midnightminerals.com
    MineralmanDarwin D Warrinerwww.mineralman.net
    Mineralogical ResearchSharon Cisneroswww.minresco.com
    Obsure-stuffJames Horste 
    Polman MineralsGeorge V Polmanwww.polmanminerals.com
    Rock BizSandra K Fuller 
    Rock Flat MineralsPhilip Neuhofffacebook.com/rockflatminerals
    Rocks In A HardplaceMichael Whittierwww.rocksinahardplace.com
    Superior Agate & StonesErik Rintameki 
    Terlingua Calcite & CinnabarFred Gossienwww.terlinguacalcite.com
    Tigerowner MineralsJames Simpsonwww.tigerowner.com
    UV SYSTEMS, Inc.Don Newsomewww.uvsystems.com
    UV ToolsAnthony Manciniwww.uvtools.com
    WordcraftStuart L Schneiderwww.wordcraft.net

    Individual and Family Sustainers

    Ed Anderson
    Wayne Bailey
    Gerad Barmarin
    David Burgess
    Mark Cole

    John M Fickewirth
    Heather Hutchcraft
    John V. Scherer
    Craig Steinem


    Thanks so much for your continued support!

    David F Battin
    Stephen Black
    Marc Bergendahl
    Jeffery Cessna
    Michael Crawford
    Mary Loose DeViney
    Dr Ronald G Dyerkson
    Jeffery Garwood

    Justin Field
    Michael Harkness
    Harold Hintz
    Mark Issacs
    Jerome B Jacinnto
    John H Kashuba
    Al Liebetrau
    Doug McLean

    Jill Moring
    Howard Rabinowitz
    Philip Stauffen
    Steve Scott
    Raymond Stryker
    David Stuck
    Trent Sullivan
    David Wall

    The Fluorescent Mineral Society Board of Directors

    PresidentRhett PetersonMidwest
    Vice PresidentLee McIIVaine IVNortheast
    TreasurerAndrew SilverNortheast
    SecretaryHarold (Pat) HintzNortheast
    DirectorDoug BankMidwest
    DirectorBruce BannonSouthwest
    DirectorBob FendrichNortheast
    DirectorPhil NeuhoffNorthwest
    DirectorGlenn WaychunasNorthern California
    DirectorStephanie Koles

    Regional Chapter Presidents

    NortheastHowie Green
    MidwestChris Clemens
    Rocky MountainBrian Walko
    SouthwestRick Olsen
    NorthwestJennifer Moore
    Northern CaliforniaGlenn Waychunas
    Southern CaliforniaDavid Stuck