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Made the Pilgrimage

As a 12 year old Boy Scout, our Tulsa, Oklahoma troop went on a field trip to the zinc mines then in operation in the Eagle-Picher mining district in NE Oklahoma/SW Missouri. On our visit to the underground workings, there was a fluorescent mineral display which vividly caught my imagination. At some point I saved enough for a small Raytech UV lamp, which allowed me to find some fluorescent fossils, but I never found anything more exotic.

Fast forward 50 years, and I saw some fluorescent minerals for sale on Ebay. My interest rose again, and with an impending road trip from Maine to Georgia, I decided to make a necessarily brief stop in Franklin, NJ to see what I could find on the Buckwheat dump. This turned out well, with some nice samples of calcite and Willemite, and I hope to be able to add others to the collection in the future, while learning more about these interesting minerals. I've added a quickly shot smartphone pic of my NJ minerals under SW UV.

Now I'm wondering if those fluorescent minerals on display in the Oklahoma mines were imports from NJ (probably) or perhaps sourced from the local mines? I haven't seen any references to this.

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