The UV Waves

UV Waves is the bi-monthly e-magazine of the FMS. Although most of the articles are written by members, anyone may submit material for publication. UV Waves is highly illustrated by photographs, and pertinent graphs and tables.

The broadly-based content is scientific, educational and informative, and features information about the effects of the entire electromagnetic spectrum on minerals, flora and fauna. UV Waves approaches these effects from the points of view of geology, mineralogy, chemistry, physics and biology.

Typical subjects include the study of specific fluorescent minerals, important historical locations, and technical data about luminescence, methods of illumination and photography. We include reports of collecting trips and FMS Chapter activities. Special columns appear at regular intervals; the Query Quarry presents discussion by experts in response to questions from readers. Every Fluorescent Tells a Story (EFTAS) welcomes submissions about fascinating fluorescent rocks with interesting back-stories, accompanied by quality photos. Extended articles about special material appear in separate e-supplements.

The archives of UV Waves will soon be available to FMS members on this website.

Paper editions of UV Waves are complimentary for Sustaining Members and Life Members. General members receive the paper edition for a premium.

Submission of material for publication, questions, and comments may be directed to

Journal of The Fluorescent Mineral Society 2017-2018 Volume 36

The Journal of the Fluorescent Mineral Society

The Journal is published on a somewhat annual basis and is typically more technical than The Waves. Articles often go in depth on the specifics of a fluorescent mineral or family of minerals or can cover the latest research into the science of fluorescence, afterglow, tenebrescence and the like.

The Journal will also soon be completely open access. Though the most recent edition will be a benefit for members, all prior issues will be uploaded over time and accessible here.

Journal of The Fluorescent Mineral Society 2017-2018 Volume 36

The Henkel Glossary

The Henkel Glossary of Fluorescent Minerals, edited by Dr. Earl Verbeek and Dr. Peter Modreski, was published as a 1988-89 as a special issue of the Journal of the Fluorescent Mineral Society. All of the original 1000 copies have been distributed, so it has recently been reprinted.

The Henkel Glossary of Fluorescent Minerals by Dr. Gerhard Henkel, Journal of the Fluorescent Mineral Society, volume 15 (1988-9), is the most exhaustive listing of fluorescent minerals known.

In 91 pages, it lists 566 mineral species and 59 related substances, plus entries for numerous variety, group, and alternate names. For each substance, it gives the name, chemical formula (or composition), longwave UV fluorescence colors, shortwave UV fluorescence colors, and the number of localities reported from.

The Henkel Glossary is printed in small-book format for portability and is generally patterned after Michael Fleischer’s ‘Glossary of Mineral Species’.

Copies are available from the FMS for $18.50 + shipping. To order or obtain further information, contact us.


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