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Only a collector of fluorescent rocks

Hi all !! I'm Daniel CM, a fan of mineral collecting in Spain.

Some of you already know me from the group in Faceboock, I am a mineral collector since I was a child when my science teacher took me to a mine for the first time, since then whenever I have the opportunity I go out to look for something or to investigate some old mines.

The fluorescence in the minerals for me arrived a little over 10 years ago when by chance I lit a black light near a sample of autunite, that was very surprising for me and since then I have tried to learn as much as possible about this property in minerals.

At first, due to the limited information available to me, I had to obtain most of my samples from eBay, as well as my first SW lamp. Later, I learned more about the processes and activators that aroused these fluorescence to look for similar deposits in my environment. I usually go with my lamps to find and document more fluorescent minerals.

I hope to continue learning more here and also share my findings.

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