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New to the Glow

I was a rock collector when I was younger, but work definitely got in the way. After a 5 year long project ( I am self employed), I decided to take some time off.  During this time off, I spent time bushwhacking around my home - and discovered all sorts of oddities and interesting things I never knew were out there. ( I live in a very rural area of New England.) I discovered an old rock ledge that had been quarried. In a very old town history book, I learned it was syenite. Of course when you look up syenite online, you see all sorts of mentions of the syenite that glows like embers and is found up on Lake Superior. It was a long shot, but I collected a few samples before the snow fell - and when my little uv pen light arrived, I discovered it glows with blue flecks and a few green flecks. I took my light down along a river nearby to check out the rocks there - and I couldn’t find any that had a glow under the light. After buying a book, I know suspect it might be calcite within the rock, but I have no way of knowing. Thoughts? I can’t wait for the snow to melt a bit to get up there and see if I can find anything a bit more dramatic. Again, I just grabbed a few small random rocks. Thoughts?

best, Lisa