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Fluorescent Spheres under SW UV

Outstanding collection of spheres from Delvin Francis in the FMS Facebook Fluorescent Mineral Group

Fluorescent Spheres

He just needs some black on the cabinet and black display stands and he'll be set!

You know, that'a a really interesting comment.  We've all seen this pic before.  When Delvin posted it originally it received a tremendous number of "Likes" and comments.  I posted it in r/mineralporn way back then and it shot to the top of the page.  Posted it again a few days ago (redditors have a short memory span) and it again garnered a huge number of upvotes in the same sub.

I wonder if unaware folks don't just understand the pic more when it's not glowing orbs floating in black space.  Similar pics of displays with black backgrounds don't seem to make the same impression (but still a lot more than just a rock on black).  I may try an experiment....