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Don Newsome is selling his fluorescent mineral collection

Don Newsome’s fluorescent mineral collection for sale

Revision of 10-24-19




Turneaurite, calcite, franklinite, Franklin, NJ. Tur 633. Size 4” x 5.5” x 9”

weight 11.5 lbs. In white light

and in SW UV






I am selling all of my fluorescent mineral collection.

I only have fluorescent minerals in my collection, no non-fluorescent specimens.

No individual specimens will be sold.


What is in the collection?

There are 1248 cataloged fluorescent mineral specimens and 236 non-cataloged fluorescent specimens that have been appraised.  There are also about a hundred non-appraised and non-cataloged specimens.  No individual specimens will be sold.  The collection will be sold as a whole collection.


What is the value of the collection and how was that determined?

Dr. Earl Verbeek personally appraised my collection in July 2018.

The value of all 1484 appraised specimens is $233,473.00 (average about $157.00 each)The non-appraised specimens do not add significantly to that total value.


What are the primary specimens in my collection and the sizes?

I specialize in Franklin and Sterling Hill specimens.  And besides turneaurites, I have 33 esperites, 30 margarosanites (some from Långban,), one First Find wollastonite, two Second find wollastonites, some fibrous wollastonites, several specimens with minehillite, roeblingites, barites, pectolites, axinite-(Mn)’s, xonotlites, etc. all from the Franklin/Sterling Hill mines.


I also have world-wide fluorescent specimens from such places as Sweden, Greenland, Canada, UK, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Spain, Belgium, Russia, Romania, India, Czech Republic, Morocco, Venezuela, Italy, Peru, Australia, Poland, just to name a few countries.


The vast majority of my collection is fist size specimens, a few are as large as 18” and weigh almost 80 lbs.  A few are as small as diamonds at 1/8 carat or smaller.


When can you see my collection?

I will be accepting appointments when you can see my collection.  The contact information is below.


How is my collection stored?

I have one display case in the dark and a bookcase in the living room with some specimens.  The vast majority of my collection is in 147 metal drawers.  These are drawers that were used to file heavy IBM punch cards. There are also 19 metal file cabinet drawers.


How is the collection cataloged?

I have two Excel spreadsheets that describe my specimens on my PC.  The primary Excel file is Don's collection 10-17-19.xlsx it lists 48 columns of information such as ID number, minerals, location, appraised value, date obtained, description, fluorescent color under SW, MW, LW, etc.  The second Excel file just lists the specimens not in the primary file and their appraised value. Specimens not on main list 10-17-19.xlsx Copies of those Excel files will be sent to any serious potential buyer.


What is the process for selling my collection?

I will be accepting sealed bids for my collection.  The cutoff date for submitting a bid will be determined later.


Why am I selling my collection?

I do not want to sell my collection, however, none of us will live forever and I would like to spare my wife, Alma with the task of disposing of my collection if I died suddenly.  Alma is not that familiar with my collection and she does not collect fluorescent minerals.  I would like to sell the collection in an orderly manner.


Where is my collection and how can you contact me?

The collection is located in Renton, WA USA.  The preferred method to contact me is via email at:  Or you can contact me via my cell phone at (206) 818-1084 between 11:00 AM and 11:00 PM Pacific time.


Don Newsome



Revision of 10-24-19