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Deeply Tenebrescent Red Sodalite from Greenland

Hackmanite from Greenland offers the most striking color change (tenebrescence) I have seen from any place in the world.   Most sodalite from the Ilimaussaq Complex is colored - either blue, green, gray, yellow, or some shade in between.  The hackmanite, unlike specimens from Afghanistan, changes color in seconds, and fades just as quickly - great for demonstrations.

Brightly fluorescent both SW and LW, this piece has a coating of an unknown blu/grn fluorescing mineral.  Most areas of green fluorescence are the typical uranyl activated coating found on Ilimaussaq rocks.  The dull magenta fluorescence under SW is feldspar.

The material from this locality is probably the winner in the color-change department.  Brightly fluorescent both SW and LW - the natural color deepens to a light pink upon exposure to LW UV (or obscure sunlight) and to a deep purple (almost black) after exposure to SW. (Thus the nickname “Red Sodalite”.)

Upon exposure to SW UV the sodalite on this piece changes color to a deep purple - in seconds!  Expose it to a bright white light (UV free halogen or LED spotlight held directly on the rock) and it reverts back to its natural color almost immediately - unlike the hackmanite from Afghanistan which can take days to revert back to its normal color, this piece changes back in seconds, over and over.


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Great rock! Fantastic tenebrescence

Didn't realize the site allowed GIFs. Nice feature. . . .

Wow!!!! I'm pretty sure that's the darkest tenebresence I've ever seen. Nice!