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Announcements and IntroductionsLast post
Announcements / EventsThe place to let the community know of upcoming events such as chapter meetings, collecting trips, and local mineral shows.11 Topics · 13 PostsLast post: Don Newsome is selling his fluores … · 2 months ago · Don Newsome
IntroductionsLet us know who you are and how you became interested in fluorescent rocks.9 Topics · 11 PostsLast post: New to the Glow · 1 week ago · GlowPaws
General DiscussionsLast post
What is it?You have this really cool fluorescent rock, but you’ve no idea what it is. Post a pic and tell us where it came from, and our experts will help you figure it out.5 Topics · 10 PostsLast post: 澳大利亚斯温伯尔尼理工大学毕业证样式 Q-微:501479313 S … · 3 days ago · imnfghfjjfj07
Showing OffPost your pics of your newest addition or even your whole collection. Wow us!1,974 Topics · 1,981 PostsLast post: 造假加拿大戴尔豪斯大学假文凭假学历Q微501479313定制Dalh … · 3 hours ago · imnfghfjjfj07
CollectingTips and tidbits on where to collect and how best to do it. Share your latest explorations as well.3 Topics · 5 PostsLast post: PSA: Collecting legally. Check bef … · 7 months ago · FMS President
UV LightsWhat type of UV light do I need; which one is best? Answers and opinions offered here.59 Topics · 59 PostsLast post: 制作MSU毕业证Q/薇信963146376制作密歇根州立大学毕业证制 … · 1 day ago · kaidemgilh1
DisplayHow to I display my fluorescent rocks? Which lights, what type of glass, how do I get a great black background? Share your tips and ask for suggestions.1 Topic · 3 PostsLast post: Fluorescent Spheres under SW UV · 8 months ago · markcole
PhotographyTaking great images of fluorescent rocks is tough. Here’s the place to share tips on how to improve your pics, even if you’re only using a cell phone.0 Topics · 0 PostsNo topics yet!
No topics yet!
ScienceFor those technically inclined, or those wanting to learn, this is the place for discussion the science of fluorescent minerals.3 Topics · 5 PostsLast post: Cool article about use of LW UV to … · 8 months ago · pneuhoff
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