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I recently purchssed a Olympus OM-D 5 Mark II camera. When taking SWUV photos, everything looks fine. With LWUV however, purple overpowers the photo and the fluoresence cannot be seen. I am unsing a Way-To-Cool lamp to illuminate the specimen. My guess is this is visible purple light from the UV lamp which is overpowering the fluoresence. I did not have this problem with my older Canon camera. 

Does anyone have experience with this problem and know of a solution? Is there a filter to attach to overcome this problem?


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Re: UV photography

It is hard to say exactly, but you could try this.  Purchase a 2A filter to put over the lens of your Olympus.  The 2A filter blocks all light below 400 nm from your CCD receptors in your Olympus.  Some CCD receptors will registor down to 390 nm or maybe 380 nm and that will show up as blusish on your photos.

I do not know what UV filters your Way Too Cool uses, if there LW UV light uses SW filters those filters will transmit a little of the 405 nm Hg line and some of the 435 nm Hg line.  The SW filter also transmits in the deep red from about 690 nm on up into the infrared.  The LW lamp (bulb) in the Way Too Cool should have have any deep red radiation, but if it does that would come through the UV filter.

I hope that helps.

Don Newsome 

Re: UV photography

I'm sure this is the problem, the sensor in my older cameras probably are not senstive to this wavelength. 


Re: UV photography

The filter you suggested did the trick. Problem solved. Thanks

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