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Hall of Fame Nomination Form

  1. Name of Nominee or Organization ____________________________________________

  2. Is the Nominee living or deceased????????? Living                 ????????  Deceased

  3. Contact Information for Nominee (Email, phone number, mailing address) ____________________


4.  Name & FMS Membership Number of Nominator____________________________________

5. Contact Information for Nominator (Email, phone number, mailing address) ___________________


6. Briefly tells us why you believe this person or origination should be in the HoF.




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Selection Guidelines


Section B4.2.3.4 (Selection Criteria) of By-Law B4.2.3, the by-law that establishes The Fluorescent Mineral Society Hall of Fame is reproduced here for your convenience.  Once a nomination has been received the Selection Committee will assist the person making the nomination to develop a strong case for electing the nominee to the FMS Hall of Fame.  Contributions to be considered to include, but are not limited to, those in the identified categories.  It is especially desirable to highlight contributions that span several criteria.

Please direct questions to any member of the HoF Selection Committee or the FMS Board of Directors.

Al Liebetrau   [email protected]

Don Newsome   [email protected]

Stuart Schneider   [email protected]


By-Law B4.2.3: The Fluorescent Mineral Society Hall of Fame

Section B4.2.3.4: Selection Criteria

B4. Those elected to the HoF are expected to have made significant, influential, or outstanding contributions to one or more major areas of the fluorescent mineral hobby.  Examples include (i) research to increase understanding of luminescence and luminescent minerals or to increase understanding of the causes of fluorescence; (ii) education, focused on the dissemination of information about luminescence and fluorescent minerals; (iii) outreach, such as displaying and exhibiting fluorescent minerals, and general promotion of the hobby; (iv) technological contributions, such as development of improved lights and lighting techniques; (v) service to the FMS.

B4. Contributions need not be limited to the areas identified in the previous section, nor must they be confined to a particular application area.

B4. This award is intended to recognize significant, influential, or outstanding accomplishments that accrue over some extended period of time. The award is generally not intended to recognize short-term accomplishments unless they are unanimously recognized as superior.















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