Publications and Projects

The FMS annually (or biennially) publishes the Journal of the Fluorescent Mineral Society, a technical publication.

We send out a UV Waves newsletter to our members. A sample copy of the Jan/Feb 1996 UV Waves Newsletter is available for perusal online.

In 1993 we also published our initial FMS Advertising Supplement with ads from UV light manufacturers and dealers in fluorescent specimens.

The FMS promotes displays of fluorescent minerals, and sponsors projects related to ultraviolet lights and fluorescent minerals.   A past accomplishment of the FMS was organizing the 76-case fluorescent mineral displays at the 1996 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show.

The results of one of our research activities was published in the 1988 proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering.   It is titled "Solarization of Short-Wave Ultraviolet-Transmitting, Visible-Absorbing Filters", by Don Newsome.

The Henkel Glossary of Fluorescent Minerals, edited by Dr. Earl Verbeek and Dr. Peter Modreski, was another project.   It was published as a 1988-89 special issue of the Journal of the Fluorescent Mineral Society.   All of the original 1000 copies have been distributed, so it has recently been reprinted.

Continuing research projects are underway to develop a standard for long wave and medium wave UV tubes, and a Fluorescent Color Standard for comparing fluorescent specimens.

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