Henkel Glossary

The Henkel Glossary of Fluorescent Minerals by Dr. Gerhard Henkel, Journal of the Fluorescent Mineral Society, volume 15 (1988-9), is the most exhaustive listing of fluorescent minerals known.   In 91 pages, it lists 566 mineral species and 59 related substances, plus entries for numerous variety, group, and alternate names.   For each substance, it gives the name, chemical formula (or composition), longwave UV fluorescence colors, shortwave UV fluorescence colors, and the number of localities reported from.

The Henkel Glossary is printed in small-book format for portability and is generally patterned after Michael Fleischer's 'Glossary of Mineral Species'.

Copies are available from the FMS for $18.50 postpaid. To order or obtain further information, use our contact form or write:

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An EXCEL Spreadsheet version of the Henkel Glossary is available to members in the Henkel section of the FMS Archive. With this spreadsheet you can search, sort and filter the data any way you like.

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