FMS Journal Article Index

Index of FMS Journal Articles

1972 - Volume 1

  • Fluorescence Tests for Uranium and Some of Its Minerals — p.1 by George H. Schenk
  • How Fluorescent Lamps Work — p.6 by General Electric
  • Understanding Fluorescence in Minerals — p.9 by Frederick Kraissl, Jr.
  • Minerals that Fluoresce in More Than One Color — p.11 by Don Newsome
  • Spectroscopic Analysis of Fluorescent Minerals — p.13 by Mark Blazek
  • Test Made of Wave Lengths — p.16 by The Mineralogist
  • The Shortwave Ultraviolet Lamp in Scheelite Prospecting — p.19 by UVP

1973 - Volume 2

  • Fluorescence of Uranium and Thorium Minerals — p.1
  • The Selecting and Seasoning of Wood to Be Used under the Ultraviolet Light — p.10 by C.W. Smith
  • Book Review ("Ultraviolet Guide to Minerals", by Sterling Gleason) — p.13 by Stan Foster
  • The Red-Orange Fluorescence of Manganese-Containing Halites and Calcites, Properties and Composition — p.14 by George H. Schenk
  • Quantitative Analysis of the Activator in Fluorescent Calcite — p.20 by Mark Blazek
  • Which Mineral Has the Brightest Fluorescence? — p.31 by Don Newsome
  • How to Improve Your Fluorescent Mineral Displays — p.39 by Frank J. Cole
  • How to Put the Cool Light of Phosphors to Work for You — p.54 by L.H. Vogt, Jr.
  • Questionnaires Shed a Little Light — p.63 by Ted Rutherford
  • The Cover and Emblem — p.68

1974 - Volume 3

  • The Fluorescent Minerals of the Franklin/Ogdensburg Area — p.1 by Frank Z. Edwards
  • Fluorescent Mineral Notes [Zincite] — p.6 by Frank Z. Edwards
  • Thank You, Dr. Pough! — p.9 by John C. Rex
  • Luminescence Spectra of Some Calcites — p.11 by Peter J. Modreski
  • New Uniform Rules for Displaying Fluorescent Specimens — p.20
  • An Early Table of Fluorescent Minerals — p.23 by Peter J. Modreski
  • The Nature of the Pink-Red Fluorescence in Margarosanite — p.26 by Dr. Warren Miller
  • Fluorescent Mineral Slides [Margarosanite, Franklin, NJ (FL blue-white & red); Wollastonite & calcite, Franklin, NJ] — p.27
  • Some Notes on Tugtupite — p.28 by Don Newsome
  • Making Fluorescent Scheelite — p.31 by Mark Blazek
  • Book Review [Nature's Hidden Rainbows: Fluorescent Minerals of Franklin, New Jersey" by Bob Jones] — p.35 by Peter J. Modreski
  • All Fluorescent Mineral Show — p.37 by Don Newsome
  • Notes on Fluorescent Minerals in Arizona — p.43 by Robert W. Jones, Jr.
  • Irradiated Fluorescent Minerals — p.46 by Dr. George R. Rossman

1975 - Volume 4

  • Phosphorescence: When Did It All Begin? — p.1 by Mark C. Blazek
  • Fluorescent Minerals of the Balmat-Fowler Area in St. Lawrence County, New York — p.4 by Warren V. Miller
  • Collecting Fluorescent Minerals — p.9 by Robert J. McGillicuddy
  • Mineral Luminescence: Recently Published Articles — p.14 by Peter J. Modreski
  • Artificial Fluorescent Halite Crystals — p.16 by Avery M. Pitzak
  • From the Editor — p.23 by Peter J. Modreski
  • 35 mm Slide Supplement [Calcite, wollastonite, barite, Franklin, NJ; Calcite, barite, Franklin, NJ] — p.27
  • Photographing the Wernerite — p.31 by C. H. Chittenden
  • A New Approach to Creating Fluorescence — p.33 by John C. Rex
  • A Glossary of Terms Used in the Study of Fluorescence — p.37 by Mark C. Blazek
  • Infra-Red Excited Phosphors — p.57 by Peter J. Modreski
  • Stamps Coated with "Fluorescent Minerals" — p.60 by George H. Schenk
  • Some Observations on Fluorescence in Illinois Fluorite — p.66 by Mark C. Blazek
  • Thermoluminescence Dating — p.70 by Peter J. Modreski
  • Book Review [A Guide to Mineral Collecting at Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey" by Ervan F. Kushner] — p.72 by Peter J. Modreski
  • Using Thermoluminescence to Locate Ore Deposits — p.76 by Peter J. Modreski

1976 - Volume 5

  • Luminescence of Diamond — p.5 by Mark C. Blazek
  • Some Fluorescent Minerals Found in Southern Africa — p.10 by Horst Windisch
  • From the Editor — p.12 by Peter J. Modreski
  • The Tsumeb Willemites and Their Fluorescence [Namibia] — p.13 by Ian Turnbull
  • Letter to the Editor [Infrared-excited luminescence?] — p.14 by Mark C. Blazek
  • Fluorescent Displays: One Man's Opinion — p.15 by Don Newsome
  • Minerals in a New Light — p.21 by William B. White
  • Review of Some Recently Published Articles about Mineral Luminescence — p.31
  • Karpatite — p.32 by Sharon Cisneros
  • The First Law of Fluorescence — p.33 by Mark C. Blazek
  • Journal Supplement - Fluorescent Mineral Slides [Svabite; Wollastonite, Franklin, New Jersey] — p.34
  • Fluorescence in Synthetic Calcite — p.36 by Sarah R. Cummings
  • The Fluorescent Bead Test for Uranium — p.40 by Mark C. Blazek
  • Fluorescent Minerals of the National Mineralogical Museum of Denmark — p.42 by Thomas S. Warren
  • Fluorescent Collage — p.52 by Ian Turnbull
  • The Status of the Cathodoluminescence Technique in the Study of Carbonates — p.56 by Donald J. Marshall
  • Fluorescent Display at the Spokane Gem and Mineral Show — p.64
  • The Cover and Emblem — p.68

1977 - Volume 6

  • From the Editor — p.5 by Peter Modreski
  • The Fluorescent Minerals of Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey — p.7 by Richard Bostwick
  • Journal Supplement Slides [Willemite, Tiger Mine, Arizona] — p.41 by Ian Turnbull
  • Luminescence of Meteorites — p.42 by Mark C. Blazek
  • Wickenburgite and Related Minerals at the Potter-Cramer Mine, Arizona — p.47 by Frank & Laura Cole
  • Uses of Ultraviolet Radiation in Paleontology — p.53 by W. D. Jan Wolfe
  • Zinc: An Activator of Fluorescence in Cave Calcite - p.58 by Ian Turnbull
  • Critique of New Mexico Bureau of Mines Fluorescent Display — p.61 by Mark C. Blazek

1978 - Volume 7

  • From the Editor — p.5 by Peter J. Modreski
  • Acknowledgments — p.6
  • Minerals That Glow in the Dark — p.7 by P. S. Manchester
  • Australian Fluorescent Minerals — p.12 by Brian M. England
  • Fluorescent Mineral Information Sheet #23: Hardystonite — p.32 by Don Newsome
  • Review of Some Recently Published Articles about Mineral Luminescence — p.37 by Peter J. Modreski
  • Understanding Fluorescence — p.41 by Lindsay Berry
  • Critique of Two Fluorescent Mineral Museum Displays — p.45 by Mark C. Blazek
  • Articles for Publication — p.49

1979 - Volume 8

  • Acknowledgments — p.5
  • An Introduction to Fluorescence (Parts 1 thru 6) — p.9 by Ian C. Turnbull
  • The Fluorescent Mineral Society - How Did it Start? — p.23 by Don Newsome
  • Minerals that Fluoresce in Two Colors — p.26 by Manuel Robbins
  • The 1979 Slides - Identification - p.27
  • About Eucryptite and Petalite from Australia — p.29 by Dr. Gerhard Henkel
  • Additional Comments on Hardystonite — p.31 by Richard C. Bostwick
  • Agrellite and Vlasovite: Two New Fluorescent Minerals from Quebec — p.33 by Peter J. Modreski
  • Permanent Fluorescent Display Critique — p.35 by Don Newsome
  • Fluorescent Mineral Collecting at the Sterling Mine, Ogdensburg, NJ — p.36 by Richard C. Bostwick
  • Articles for Publication — p.46

1980 - Volume 9

  • About Fluorescent Andalusite — p.1 by Dr. Gerhard Henkel
  • Blue Fluorescent Diopside Associated with Wernerite [Meionite, Scapolite] — p.4 by Dr. Gerhard Henkel
  • Beauty in the Round — p.6 by John C. Rex
  • Luminescent Lithology — p.9 by Susan West
  • Meteorites that Glow — p.23 by S. W. S. McKeever and D. W. Sears
  • Luminescence and Ultraviolet Light — p.31 by Harry M. Rieman

1981 - Volume 10

  • Editorial: Colors, activators, and localities — p.1 by Peter J. Modreski
  • Unusual luminescence of calcite from the Piceance Creek basin, Rio Blanco Co., Northwestern Colorado — p.4 by Earl R. Verbeek
  • The colors and spectral distributions of fluorescent minerals — p.7 by Don Newsome & Peter J. Modreski
  • Color slide supplement [CIE Chromaticity Diagram; Esperite on Hardystonite, Franklin, New Jersey] — p.57

1982 - Volume 11

  • Editorial — p.1
  • Colors and Spectral Distributions of Fluorescent Minerals, Part II — p.7 by Don Newsome
  • How to Catalog Your Fluorescent Mineral Collection — p.33 by Don Newsome
  • Northwest Regional Meeting of the Fluorescent Mineral Society, July 17, 1982 — p.51
  • Color Slides: Zoned Fluorescent Adamite — p.52
  • 1972-1981 Cumulative Index — p.54
  • Corrections to Past Issues of the FMS Journal — p.77

1983 - Volume 12

  • From the Editor — p.1
  • UV Filters - a Progress Report — p.2 by Thomas S. Warren
  • Fluorescence of Shell Fragments As an Aid To the Study of Early American Mortars — p.6 by Dana C. Linck and Peter J. Modreski
  • 1983 Journal Supplement: Color Slides of Fluorescent Minerals [Denver Gem & Mineral Show exhibits] — p.16
  • Determination of Fluorescent Activators in Franklin Margarosanites — p.19 by Gerald J. DeMenna
  • Fluorescent Calcites: Comprehensive Chemical Analysis — p.23 by Gerald J. DeMenna
  • Almost Everything You Would Want to Know About Long-Wave BLB Lamps — p.27 by Don Newsome
  • Northwest Meeting of the FMS, Aug. 7, 1983, Spokane, Wash. — p.40

1984-5 - Volume 13

  • From the Editor — p.1
  • Colors and spectral distributions of fluorescent minerals — p.2 by Don Newsome
  • Supplement to 1984-85 journal: slides of fluorescent minerals [Gypsum, Nanton, Alberta; Fluorite, Cumberland, England; Corundum, Froland, Aust Agder, Norway; Calcite, Ouray, Colorado] — p.29
  • Supplement II: "Why a color may not reproduce correctly" — p.30 by Eastman Kodak Co.
  • A portable fluorescent collection — p.31 by Stephan A. Williams
  • Chemical analysis of fluorescent minerals — p.35 by Gerald J. DeMenna
  • A computerized collection catalogue — p.41 by Stephen A. Williams
  • Book review, "The Collector's Book of Fluorescent Minerals", by Manuel Robbins — p.53 by Earl R. Verbeek
  • Photograph - FMS members at Friends of Mineralogy Pacific Northwest Chapter 10th Annual Symposium, Tacoma, Washington, Sept. 28, 1984 — p.58

1986-7 - Volume 14

  • How bright are your fluorescent minerals? — p.1 by Don Newsome
  • Journal supplement: color slides of fluorescent minerals [Sphalerite, Spruce Pine, North Carolina; Halite, Salton Sea, California; Willemite crystal, Sterling Hill, New Jersey; Barite, Franklin, New Jersey] — p.24
  • Zoned fluorescence of scapolite from Valyermo, California — p.28 by Earl R. Verbeek

1988-9 - Volume 15

  • The Henkel Glossary of Fluorescent Minerals — by Dr. Gerhard Henkel, Peter J. Modreski, Earl R. Verbeek

1990 - Volume 16

  • Solarization of Short-Wave Filters — p.1 by Don Newsome
  • Discovery at West Plant Dump [Zinc oxide crystals in Palmerton, Pennsylvania zinc smelter dumps] — p.22 by John C. Rex
  • Palmerton Plants — p.25
  • Explanation of slides — p.28

1991 - Volume 17

  • Photography of Fluorescent Minerals — p.1 by Peter J. Modreski
  • Fluorescent Mineral Photography — p.12 by Gerald J. DeMenna
  • Photography of Small Fluorescent Mineral Specimens — p.16 by Roger W. Parrett
  • Journal supplement: color slides of fluorescent minerals [Calcite, Kelly, New Mexico; Scheelite, Camp Bird mine, Ouray Co., Colorado; Margarosanite, Franklin, New Jersey; Turneaurite; Margarosanite & roeblingite; Esperite, hardystonite; Wollastonite; Hydrozincite; Eucryptite, New Hampshire] — p.21

1992 - Volume 18

  • The Further Side of Darkness - Part I: Phosphorescence of Minerals and Other Solids — by George E. Stoertz

1997 — Volume 19

  • Cathodoluminescence of Quartz — p.1 by Dr Jens Gotze
    Research carried out recently at the Mining Academy at Freiberg, Saxony, Germany
  • Explanation of slides displaying Cathodoluminescence — p.18 by Dr. P. Modreski
  • Inner Space, part one — p.19 by K. H. Russ
    Provides a view of the structure of the crystal lattice and some atomic distances
  • Inner Space, part two — p.25 by K. H. Russ
    Goes a step further inside the atom giving a magnified picture combined with historic and present day aspects
  • Glossary — p.32

1998 — Volume 20

  • What causes mineral fluorescence? Activators of luminescence in minerals. — p.1 by Glenn Waychunas
    A detailed description of the different ions responsible for fluorescence. Contains an extensive list of additional readings.
  • Photographing Fluorescent Minerals — p.13 by Axel Emmermann
    A personal but very thorough approach on this subject including five example slides.
  • Description of the slides included in this issue — p.32 by Axel Emmermann

2000 — Volume 21

This volume is the second part of an article by George E. Stoertz that came out in Volume 18, 1995 of the Journal. Fifteen pages containing Tables 4 and 5 which are mentioned in Part II have been published in Part I.
  • The Further Side of Darkness Part II — p.1 by George E. Stoertz
    Fluorescence of Minerals and other Solids
  • The Further Side of Darkness Part III — Appendices
    Appendix 1: Examples of fluorescence spectra — p.41
    Appendix 2: Color changes in fluorescent minerals — p.46
    Appendix 3: Thermoluminescence and tribioluminescence — p.63
    Appendix 4: Fluorescence and phosphorescence of diamonds — p.64
    Appendix 5: Other types of spectra — p.65

2001 — Volume 22

  • Fluorite from Seilles, Andenne, Belgium — p.1 by R.E. Vochten, M.K. Van Doorselaer, and H. Dillen
    Coloration, fluorescence, and a remarkable crystal geometry discoloration phenomena
  • Determination of Natural and Synthetic Rubies by Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry — p.12 by George Bosshart
  • Determining the Brightness of Fluorescent Minerals — p.30 by George E. Stoertz
  • Ruby and Fluorescence — p.40 by K. H. Russ
  • Description of the slides included in this issue — p.45
  • Glossary — p.46

2002 — Volume 23

  • From the President of the Fluorescent Mineral Society — p.1 by Dr. Rodney Burroughs
  • In Memoriam Thomas Spencer Warren — p.3 by Richard Bostwick
  • Thomas Warren — p.6 by Don Newsome
  • The Thomas S. Warren Museum of Fluorescence — p.10 by Earl Verbeek
  • Description of the slides included in this issue — p.39 by Earl Verbeek

2003 — Volume 24

  • Longwave Ultraviolet Sources for Mineral Collectors — p.1 by Don Newsome
  • A different use of UV light [Mongka zircon color change research] — p.14 by Günter Krause
  • Luminescence and its Applications — p.27 by Karl-Heinz Russ
  • Glossary [Cherenkov radiation, Plasmon, Polaron, Polariton, Bremsstrahlung] — p.41

2004 — Volume 25   (printed in color)

  • Fluorescent Minerals of the Ilimaussaq Complex, Greenland — p.1 by Mark Cole
  • Two Tests: Life of Short Wave Filters and UV Depreciation in Lamps — p.27 by Don Newsome
  • Bulk Sorting by LIF - Quality Control of Ores for Bulk Sorting and Blending by Laser Induced Fluorescence Analysis — p.38 by Heribert Broicher

2005 — Volume 26   (printed in color)

  • Diamond Luminescence — p.1 by R. Heiderhoff and L.J. Balk
  • SAS2000 Spectrophotometer Analysis System for diamond and gemstone evaluation and grading — p.13 by Martin Haske and John Caruso
  • Characterization of Synthetic Diamond Crystals by Spatially-Resolved Rocking Curve Measurements — p.24 by J. Hoszowska, A.K. Freund, E. Boller, J.P.F. Sellschop, G. Level, J. Hartwig, R.C. Burns, M. Rebak, and J Baruchel
  • Thermoluminescence of Zircon — p.33 by Philibert Iacconi

2006-2007 — Volume 27   (printed in color)

  • Editorial — by Karl Russ
  • Heat Seeker: UV Fluorescence as a  Gemological Tool — p.1 by Richard W. Hughes. John L. Emmett
  • Mineral Luminescence in Visible Spectrum using Becquerel Phosphoroscope — p.19 by Endre Götz, John Ferenczi, Tom Ludman
  • UV Lights & Lamps - a Manufacturer's Perspective — p.29 by Don Newsome
  • Mineral Luminescence in Incident Visible Light using a device based on the Becquerel principle — p.40 by E. Götz, J. Ferenczi, Alexandrina Fülöp

2008 - Volume 28   (process color printing on glossy stock; new layout by Maryann Manning)

  • Editorial — p.2 by Karl Russ
  • Luminescence - Spectacular and Useful Characteristics of Minerals — p.3 by Christopher Lenz
  • Recent Research on Diamond Fluorescence — p.18 Collected and Summarized by K. H. Russ
  • Historic Overview of Luminescence - Research on Calcites from the Harz Mountains, Germany — p.21 b Dipl. Geol. Friedhart Knolle
  • Calcuim Fluoride for ArF Lithography - Characterization by in situ Transmission and LIF — p.25 by Ch Mühlig, W. Triebel, G. Töpfer, A. Jordanov

2009 — Volume 29 (sneak preview)

  • Benitoite – A Beautiful and Rare Fluorescent Mineral — by Al Wilkins
  • Light Emitting Doides (LEDs) Today — by Andreas Russ
  • Photonic Frontiers = Semiconductor UV Lasers — by Jeff Hecht
  • Fluorescence Microscopy — Compiled and Selected by Karl Russ


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